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Win the Fashion Game with These Most Wanted Trends

We are almost into the fall season inching closer to the holiday season, and there have been trends that have ruled the fashion world in 2022. While some trends rise and fall too quickly, others are worth investing in.

Here are a few trends that you can't ignore as a fashion lover as these are here to stay!


Blazers and chicness go hand in hand. Want to elevate your look to something more refined and polished, just add a blazer. From casual to uber chic in seconds!

Kaia Gerber shows how to do it street style by wearing a slouchy blazer with a crop top and classic blue jeans.

Kaia Gerber blazer fashion trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Getty Images

All black outfits are classic no one would argue that, but adding a tailored blazer to it brings it to the next fashion level.

Blazer fashion trends for 2022

Picture Courtesy- Getty Images

Priyanka Chopra has impressed us with her style now and then. She beautifully paired her lace top and midi skirt with a longline blazer.

Priyanka Chopra Fashion trends 2022 blazers

Picture Courtesy- Getty Images

Gigi Hadid looks ravishing in a sleek white blazer paired with a sheer bralette and relaxed trousers.

Gigi Hadid Blazers Fashion Trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Getty Images


Tennis skirts are not meant only to be worn on the court anymore, they are being worn by celebrities and influencers.

A crisp pleated solid tennis skirt is a hit on and off the court. It's fun and playful, just like the summer.

Tennis Skirts Fashion Trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Getty Images

Barbie core pink is all over social media. Dua Lipa looks super cute in a pink tennis skirt and tank top.

Dua Lipa Tennis Skirts Fashion Trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Instagram/Dua Lipa

A coordinated tennis skirt with a crop top is going to be your savior amidst the heatwave.

Tennis Skirts Fashion Trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Splash News

Tennis Skirts Fashion Trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Getty Images


Coordinated style has been one of the buzziest trends this year. It has been all over the runway in Paris, Milan, New York, and London. It has been a street-style favorite. Still, we can't get enough of it!

Coordinated Outfits Sonam Kapoor Fashion Trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Instagram/ Sonam Kapoor

Nothing can be as elegant as an all-white outfit. Priyanka Chopra wears a slit-striped white maxi skirt with a sheer white top.

Priyanka Chopra Coordinated outfits Fashion Trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Splash News

Amal Clooney is an inspiration to every fashionista. From the red carpet to workwear, the human rights lawyer has aced it all.

Amal Clooney's coordinated outfit Fashion Trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Richard Young

Kendall Jenner is always at the top of her game, whether is walking over the runway or being spotted at the airport. A coordinated trench coat with relaxed trousers is perfectly comfortable for your travel.

Kendal Jenner Airport Coordinated look

Picture Courtesy- Getty Images


It is the year of a one-piece overall. Jumpsuits and rollers are the one-piece wonders that will define the biggest trends of the season. They are back in the fashion world, and with a bang.

Gigi Hadid looks magically divine in a powder blue-colored caped jumpsuit. It accentuates the feminine side beautifully.

Gigi Hadid One-piece set Fashion Trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Splash News

Gwen Stefani is summer ready with an easy-to-go grey-colored cropped jumpsuit with strappy sandals. Comfort and style can go together.

Gwen Stefani Overalls Fashion Trends 2022

Picture Courtesy- Getty Images

Anne Hathaway creates waves with her style and aura. The multi-colored flared jumpsuit with a pop of colors is unmissable.

Anna Hathaway Fashion Trends 2022 Jumpsuit

Picture Courtesy- Splash News

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