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Why This Is The Year To Invest In Sensual Dressing?- Haute Couture Inspired

Sensual dressing can be tricky, as there is a fine line between looking chic and desirable and distasteful and unrefined. It's an art that needs to be mastered, to not overdo and go off the board. Why not take this masterclass from the haute couture masters themselves?

Haute Couture refers to high-end fashion that takes days to create and is for an exclusive set of clientele. Although haute couture is a market that not a lot of people can get into or afford, it's a platform for limitless creativity and innovation that give rise to new trends and trailblazing styles to attempt.

COVID 19 killed fashion trends once and for all. And that might be partly right. Haute Couture 2022 presented a chaotic and imaginative mix of distinctive ideas on what the post-pandemic world needs. It was like a breath of fresh air for fashion enthusiasts.

Though Haute Couture is something most of us can only dream of, here are a few trends that will make you feel and look sensuous and desirable. Let's have a peek at it!


Dare to try? It's a head-turning trend that celebrates the human form in all its varieties. Be it petite, skinny or curvy.

As the term implies it features strategically placed cut-outs that accentuate the desired features and add a bit of spice to an otherwise conventional silhouette.

Fashion is for all sizes and ages!

Picture Courtesy- Alexander Vauthier

Picture Courtesy- Zuhair Murad

Picture Courtesy- Alexander Vauthier


Micro dressing dominated the fashion month. Almost every designer showcased micro-dressing. We spent a year in sweatpants and pajamas, it's time to rock in style.

Can it look cute? Yes!

Can it look sexy? Absolutely!

Picture Courtesy- Elie Saab

Picture Courtesy- Julie de Libran

Picture Courtesy- Valentino


Good news for those for whom leg flashing is a little too revealing and yet want to add an element of appeal to your dressing.

Legwear was seen everywhere in the fashion capital with over-the-top twists. Stockings covered in gems and crystals, or even just plain and sheer were paired with gowns and dresses. Time to look sassy and classy!

Picture Courtesy- Giambattista Valli

Picture Courtesy- Valentino

Picture Courtesy- Dior


It was a sheer spring and it will be a sheer summer. It's s the most spotted trend on the red carpet as well on the runways. Celebrities have embraced the sheer style on several occasions with grace and elegance.

Tulle, organza, and mesh are various fabrics used to create a translucent look. It has set the fashion world literally on fire as it gets bolder and hotter!

Picture Courtesy- Chanel

Picture Courtesy- Alexander Vauthier

Picture Courtesy- Zuhair Murad


Corsets have been debatable since their inception. From being a symbol of female oppression to being seductive and empowering.

You may have thought the corset era was over, but it’s back again as evidenced by couture. Corsets in sheer fabric, and with cut-out and embellished details added a touch of a modern approach.

Picture Courtesy- Jean-Paul Gaultier

Picture Courtesy- Schiaparelli

Picture Courtesy- Alexis Mabille


The ever-glamorous high-slit silhouette may be a favorite for the red carpets. You can effortlessly pull off it on your next date night or a girl's night out. It's feminine and uber chic!

Let's put your best foot forward and have your own Angelina Jolie moment!

Picture Courtesy- Elie Saab

Picture Courtesy- Valentino

Picture Courtesy- Zuhair Murad

Comment on which of these trends would you like to try this season?

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