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Unleash Your True Worth This Women's Day

An ode to women and womanhood. On this International Women’s Day, I present to you my interpretation of a fiercely ethereal woman.

A woman that resides somewhere within all of us, waiting to emerge as an epitome of power and grace; a woman who is the very embodiment of unconditional love.

So let's bring out our authentic self, breaking free from the chains of fear, shame, judgement, and unleash our inner light into the world, grab the collars of life, and take it by storm.


She walks with purpose

Floating on mist

Her head up high

An epitome of grace

A smile adorning her serene face

She walks with purpose

Embraces herself

Discarding her layers

And the darkness she withheld

Her wounds, her voids, her burdens which they laid,

She sheds the anguish

Her anger, her shame

She strips away the years of semblance

The masks she wore to hide her torment

She peels the cloaks of loathing and pretence

Denuding her body

Her mind, her subsistence

She gazes intently into the windows of herself

And smiling ardently at her sterling substance

She spreads her arms, embraces herself

Enfolding her exquisite, alluring nakedness

She walks with purpose,

Into her light

Drunk on the love, she pours for her self

From the divine vessel that is her soul.....

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Somya Pandey


Somya Pandey is an engineer by profession and a storyteller by heart

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