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This Throwback on Phoebe Buffay From Friends will Bring Smile on Your Face

Remembering 'FRIENDS'- this throwback will celebrate Phoebe Buffay, the most fascinating character from the iconic sitcom, who gives us reason to smile while offering some valuable lessons.

We all have our personal favorite character on FRIENDS, my favorite being Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay.(Though love them all equally❤)

There have been many instances during the series where we wished to have some or the other quality that Phoebe possessed, and I will be going through those whens! Who can miss the SMELLY CAT!

1. When she can sing Smelly Cat

Smelly cat phoebe

We may not be fully convinced with her singing, but no one else would have made Smelly Cat such a huge hit.

She not only believes in her singing but also in Ross' talent with the piano. LOL!!!😂😂

2. When she is not embarrassed by herself

phoebe not embarrased

Though Rachel is embarrassed by the way Pheebs runs, she herself doesn't bother what others think of it. Way to go girl!!

3. When she loves and appreciates herself

Phoebe loves and appreciates herself

Something we should learn to do more often to ourselves.

Phoebe loves and appreciates herself

4. When she is the Master of Impersonation

Master of Impersonation

She is undoubtedly the Master of Impersonation: her alter ego Regina Phalange never fails to impress!

Not to forget she is the reason for the happy ending of Ross and Rachel.(Thank you Pheebs for that😘)

4. When she is The Leader of the Girls Brigade

The Leader of the Girls Brigade

Her girlfriend's advice was always to the point and led us to be more confident and self-loving person.

5. When she tries to take Revenge

Phoebe take revenge

6. When she stands by what she believes in

Phoebe stands what she believes in

She is the only person on this planet who can argue with Isaac Newton over Gravity🤓🤓

7. Or When she believes in literally anything

Phoebe believe

8. When she Roasts Ross!! Hilarious

Phoebe roast Ross

Be it roasting Ross over Evolution or Marriage, Phoebe Buffay is always at her Best!

Phoebe roast ross

9. When she helps her Friends

Phoebe memes

Helping Chandler with his smoking habit or his interview or his 'Name-Hatred', or Joey with pretending to be Ursula and Estelle so as to not let his feelings get hurt. Pheebs holds the banner for, I will be there for you!!

10. When she is the Queen of Seduction

phoebe meme

11. When she is Super Creative

phobe meme

Picture courtesy: Instagram/Giphy/Tenor

I shared my favorite character on the show. Write in the comment section who is your favorite character on FRIENDS and why?

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