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This is Just Valentino's Extraordinary Daywear!

The creative director at Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli is known for his color inspiration. Valentino Pink or hot pink shade which featured for the first time at Haute Couture Spring 2022, is still making waves all across the fashion world. From models to actors, everyone seems to be obsessed with the color.

The Valentino Resort Le Progrès Collection 2022 was no different. Presenting a myriad of colors with different fabrics and silhouettes. It was an ode to Parisian cafes which are filled with fashion inspirations from morning to night.

“I want to bring life and a sense of reality into Valentino. Bringing it out of the atelier while retaining the savoir-faire of the atelier. I don’t want to forget the castle, but you have to be rooted in the present. I want to bring the castle to the street, so to speak, and bring the street to the castle. Beauty today means diversity and inclusivity; I want to encourage people to embrace it. The idea isn’t only metaphorical. I wanted to do it both from a fashion perspective and from a physical standpoint. You can’t just talk, you have to do. You have to dare to be more radical. When you think of Valentino, you think of fabulous evening concoctions, but a masculine tailored blazer worn by a woman? Certainly not. I wanted to make what is ordinary more imaginative and fantastical. This is just extra-ordinary daywear,” said Pierpaolo Piccioli.

The collection was indeed simple and ordinary day wear but with a remarkable touch of haute couture. It was vibrant, contemporary, and elegant. An alliance between casual fluid fabrics with couture-like tailoring. Here are some vibrant designs that you can wear all year long and turn your everyday look into something extraordinary!


The obvious start would be Valentino's signature color- Hot Pink! Two of the standout designs were a tailored pantsuit with a longline coat and cropped trousers, and an off-shoulder wrap gown with statement sleeves.

Picture Courtesy- Valentino


Purple was a fresh and new addition to the collection. It surely is an underrated color!

A purple shirt paired with a pair of relaxed white trousers looked trendy, and so did a purple cape with feathers over a deep red shirt.


Don't browns just look classic and polished?

The super-short oversized embroidered dress calls for drama, drama, and more drama!

Another notable piece would be a maxi dress with a crochet pattern.


The 'preious' one. Sparkly, shimmery, shiny dresses in sequin and fringes are to die for!

Pierpaolo Piccioli should consider creating an entire line of the next Valentino collection around this color as it's so popping and fun.


Ordinary, simple, sleek designs crafted and tailored to perfection, with intricate designs around the neck and shoulder that was accessorized with harmonizing stockings and block heels.

Picture Courtesy- Valentino


Black is evergreen, but orange is the modern and fun version of black. This color always earns its place in every designer's collection.

Rich and vibrant orange with the iconic hot pink color is a fashion statement in itself!


Both the monochrome looks in white will catch the fancy of your eyes! Be it the solid white shirt paired with a crochet maxi skirt, or the longline shirt with a plunging neckline and fitted trousers.

Picture Courtesy- Valentino

Picture Courtesy- Valentino


With navy blue, you can go for the traditional pairing of white or a contemporary one with grey, violet, red, etc.

One of the most striking looks of the entire collection was the navy blue pantsuit with purple printed flowers. Floral was consistent with many designs which had it either in the form of printed or embroidered work.


The designers at Valentino couldn't get enough of these vibrant colors, so they added a few rainbow designs, and we are pleased that they did that because these multi-colored striped dresses are just stunning. It's a perfect mix of retro and new!

Picture Courtesy- Valentino

Picture Courtesy- Valentino

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