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This Is How People Judge Your Parenting

Welcome to the parenting club!

Mother and child

Do you think that parenting is all about trial and error and making decisions that seem right for your child? Nah! That's not the whole story. Beside your own parenting dud, you also need to have an opinion about everyone else's choices as well!

So, whenever you feel crappy, try passing on your anxieties onto others to help you deal with your internal struggle.

You have no idea, how is it done?

It is pretty simple, just look around and find someone else and offer them unsolicited advice. Ram your ill-educated opinions and judge their parenting skills. Never mind if you are struggling on your own and feel like a failure each day. The best way to feel better is to pass on the insecurities down the throats of others.

Let's be practical. We are flawed creatures, and this is how we slam other moms.

Working moms:

Working mom meme

Look at her, if her career is so important, why did she even bother to have children? Her children are at the mercy of daycare and nannies. You know, I heard that nanny eats the baby’s food, and the baby stays hungry the whole day. I will never leave my child unattended, even if it means sacrificing my flourishing career. But for some, money comes before their own child.

Stay-at-home mother:

Stay-at-home mother

Yes, she handcrafted her child’s fancy dress. So, what, what else has she got to do? She has plenty of time to kill. At least she did something instead of sitting and gossiping. I don’t know how people can stay at home. Don’t they lose their sense of identity? I know how to balance work and home. Not everyone has the skill to do that. By the way, what do they do the whole day?


I swear to God! She rocks the floor when she screams at her children. I heard they even spanked their poor child. They barely spent quality time with their children. They ignored discipline them early. Now they yell all day long.

Tech use:

Just to get some time off, they allowed their children to be on screen for an hour. Can you believe it? No screen timing for kids. How careless they are. All this screen time makes me so very, very sad. Do they even talk to their children?

Bottle feed:

Oh! She switched to bottle milk within six months. Yeah, not everyone has the patience, like me. It is easy to come up with excuses. "I have an infection. I have pain. Could you please put your child’s needs before yours for once?

Bottle feed

Junk food:

Oh gosh! They sent French fries in the lunch box, looking at her lunch box; my child refused to eat the sandwich I sent. How can they send junk food to school? Making other people hate their food and mother?

In addition, there is a child who only eats healthy foods all the time. Poor child struggles to eat healthy meals all the time.


Have you seen those children? After school, they gorge on sugar-coated chocolate, ice cream, and gummies every day. How do their parent sleep peacefully? I can’t sleep at night thinking about their child’s dental health and dental bills.

Food art:

Why do you need to make a smile on a sandwich or craft a face on a carrot slice? To get children eat, some people waste endless time drawing figures. Children need to learn to eat food naturally, not as if the food is out of the art and craft show.


Some mothers take their child’s school project too personally to prove to the world. Hey, it’s child work, why are you trying to win accolades?

And there are some who don’t even bother whether their children have finished their work or not. Can’t they just see what is happening in their children’s lives?

Keeping a watch when children play:

Hey, have you seen them with their kids? They don’t even bother to watch their children. Where are they? What are they doing? They just let them be on their own. Children run around the whole day without any supervision. Can’t you have some control over your child?

And this lady, she always holds her children tight as if they are dogs, and she needs to hold on to the leash. They are children, let them have fun.

Dressing up:

She just steps out of the house in those pajamas, and her hair is all over the place. Ok mommy, you have a 6-month-old baby, who doesn’t give you a breather and you have no help. Still, can’t you put in some effort to look a bit tidy?

Ok, not like that other lady who lives next block. Ravishing and gorgeous in those skinny track pants, with a well-kept house and amazing kids. I suspect she must be having a witch to help her. Otherwise, how could she be so perfect?

Well, I hate her. Just thinking about her makes me feel like a piece of crap.

And this goes on.

The thing is, when you struggle the easiest way to deal with your shit is to offload it on someone else’s back. So that you feel a bit better about yourself. Making others feel small gives an instant boost to your ego. Even if that is the crappy thing to do.

Isn't it an insensible thing to do? Is there a better way? Can we do things differently?

Yes, we can.

By walking a path of compassion- although a slightly hard path to walk.

But we can do it.

Making each other’s parenting journey a little easier by showing them compassion. By thinking that we don’t know what that person is going through. How are they dealing with and handling their situations?

Maybe they are trying their best just like us, still finding it hard to cope.

So let us show some compassion, at least in our thoughts.

Hey! We know parenting isn't a cup of cake. My love for you for trying your best. You will win the game gal.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. If you enjoyed what you’ve read, please share.

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