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These Are the Biggest Hair Trends of 2022 with Celeb Approval

Your hair is your magic potion! Switching your hair is one of the best ways to refresh your style. But which hairstyle, cut, and hair color is trending in 2022? Worry not, we are here to help you.

After a hot and sweaty summer, we look forward to a breezy fall and chilly winter as an opportunity to start getting more experimental with our hair.

Spicing up your look this year will get easier as you go through the biggest hair trends in 2022, which were either spotted on fashion week runways or sported by your favorite celebrities. The first place we turn to for any fashion and style inspiration is always the runways, where some of the world's most talented designers and hairstylists create looks we inevitably end up ruling. Let's roll and check out the trendiest hair sensations that have ruled all over the year and keep rolling too.


Short to a medium haircut that is cut in a blunt length to appear both classic and stylish. Bob haircut which you can try in 2022 is blunt, wavy, textured, choppy, and sleek.

While a sleek and blunt bob gives a polished and chic look, a textured and choppy bob is easy to maintain and style.


Copper Red is the biggest hair color trend of 2022. It is a rich and intense blend of deep red and orange or brown. With celebrities like Zendaya and Kendall Jenner dying their hair in this color, everyone seems to be awestruck.

It is going to be one of the most popular hair colors in the cold season too. When everything fades around, this color will bloom you and help you stand out from the crowd.

Picture Courtesy- Versace


A classic low bun is an effortless and timeless hairstyle that appeals to everyone. It's a reliable style that is a favorite for any occasion and is preferred by most brides. This simple and low-maintenance hairstyle emaculates grace and elegance.


With makeup and fashion drifting towards the ’90s again, the faux wet look is here again. It's creating splashes on the runway as red carpet events with celebrities and models donning it invariably.


As the 90s hair trends are back in vogue, so are the 60s. The micro-cut will remind you of Mia Farrow in the cult horror Rosemary's Baby, the haircut is revolutionary in itself.

Picture Courtesy- Chloe


If you love hair accessories, you will be pleased to hear that hair bow ties are back in fashion. With high-end fashion houses like Chanel channeling it, it's going to be a must-have hair accessory for fall.


You may be an ardent enthusiast of the messy bun owing to its convenience, but you can't ignore the sleek buns either. Sleek buns are no stranger to the runway with super sleek and glossy hair preferred by almost every designer. Be it sleek buns or ponytails they find their way right into the fashion circle.

Picture Courtesy- Prada


The versatility and longevity of braided hairstyles are why so many people enjoy wearing them. The face-framing micro braid hairstyle has been one of the popping hairstyles of 2022. This versatile hairstyle is for anyone and everyone, suited to personal style as per length and color of the hair.


The debatable middle part of the 90s is back with a bang. We certainly support it wholeheartedly. A polished middle part hairstyle is forever chic and classy but still edgy. It has been a runway favorite in 2022 with fashion houses opting for the middle part look.


Ponytails are the most popular hairstyle to wear anywhere, be it to a party or work. Why not elevate it to the next level?

Elevated ponytails with braided patterns are the perfect way to glam up your overall look.

Picture Courtesy- Giambattista Valli


This beautiful hair color with hues of burnt copper and deep red color looks expensive and luxurious.


This super short haircut is all about empowerment and confidence. If you are daring enough and want to give an unconventional look to your mane, do try this haircut as it's bold and expressive.


If you want a perfect laidback hairstyle, which is easy to create and even easier to rock your answer to it is the beach wave. This universally loved hairstyle suits everyone and can be your savior in times of need.


The floral ribbon style from the 60s is on the rise. The sophisticated hair accessory is something you would love to try this year.

The year 2022 can be called the comeback year for hair bows and head gears.

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