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Supreme Court Decision In Roe v. Wade: What It Means For Women

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, holding that there is no longer a federal constitutional right to an abortion. 

After the ruling, access to legal abortion is expected to be cut off for about 36 million women, living in about 30 states that will be impacted by the court's ruling.

Anti abortion activists Supreme Court Ruling

Picture Courtesy- Al-Jazeera

What is Roe v. Wade?

Roe v. Wade (1973), was a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in which the court ruled that the U.S. Constitution will protect a woman's liberty and freedom to choose to have an abortion, and any unnecessary restrictions formed by the state regulations were to be considered as unconstitutional.

What's the legal abortion debate?

There is a debate going on throughout the world as to whether the ruling is just towards women's rights or is it a black day for justice and humanity.

People are divided in opinions, with some in favor of the judgment and some against it.

Should abortion be legalized?

It's debatable. But does the ruling mean a reduction in the rate of abortion? Sadly NO! People will still have abortions; the only change will be that with the government's restrictions they will be forced to resort to unsafe abortions.

People with limited earnings who can't travel to other places for legal abortion or those who can't afford private healthcare.

Legal Abortion Activists US Supreme court ruling

Picture Courtesy- The Lancet

The World Health Organization(WHO) estimates that approx 25 million unsafe abortions take place all around the world each year. The surreal figure says it all!

The tragic part is that not only the abortion does happen, but also there is a high risk to the pregnant person as well. Injuries and deaths due to unsafe abortion practices can be prevented if there is legal access to abortion, under the law.

Legal Abortion Activists US Supreme court ruling

Picture Courtesy- Time

What does it mean for all nations?

In countries that have limited access to safe and legal abortion, it's allowed in exceptional cases like rape or if there is a life-threatening situation. But what about the women and girls who might need it, too?

Especially in developing countries, women and girls with low earnings, refugees and migrants, adolescents, or minorities. They may need it due to a high-risk pregnancy that may or may not be life-threatening or due to the burden of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.

Anti Abortion Pro Life Activists US Supreme court ruling

Picture Courtesy- Heritage foundation

What's the dilemma of pro-life or pro-choice?

Pro-life refers to the support of anti-abortion laws and belief in the right to life of the unborn. Pro-choice activists are advocates of abortion rights and believe that it's the choice and right of the person to decide whether or not to continue with the pregnancy and the right to bodily anatomy.

Pro-life supporters consider abortion unethical and immoral. Anti-abortion supporters argue that abortion is morally wrong and that the fetus is a potential life form that has the right to live, every life matters. It's a pro-life and pro-choice debate.

Will society benefit from the ban on legal abortion?

But be it pro-life backers or pro-choice backers, does the ban do any good to society? I hardly think so. Unwanted, unplanned, complicated, and risky pregnancies will still happen, and so will abortions. Harsh but true!

If this has to change one has to address the grassroots of the problem. People should have access to sex education, contraception, and better healthcare without discrimination and judgment. Criminalizing or restricting abortions will only result in more maternal deaths, injuries, complications, and physical and mental health issues.

If we want to protect innocent lives, we need to work together for it, educate our children about safe sex, unwanted pregnancies, and contraceptives, provide better healthcare for women and girls, and end the stigma related to sexual well-being. It won't happen by restricting a woman's right to her body and her privacy!

Does pro-life help the unborn child in the long run?

Forcing women to carry out an unwanted pregnancy or pushing them into an unsafe abortion procedure is just not right. It's inhuman it's brutal. With the case of potential life being considered, what will be the fate and future of such a child? What will be the impact on his mental and physical health?

Unwanted or complicated pregnancies are not only detrimental to the mother but also the unborn child. These children often face developmental issues, long-term mental health issues, and health complications throughout their lives. But the right to life is also a human right that he or she should have, again, not at the cost of another life!

Legal Abortion Activists Pro Choice US Supreme court ruling

Picture Courtesy- Al-Jazeera

What do human rights say about abortion?

Access to legal and safe abortions is a human right just like access to healthcare. Every human has the right to live, a right to choose, and a right to protection from inhuman treatment. Human rights specify that decisions about one's body are theirs and theirs alone. So why this discrimination against women? Don't they have the right to exercise it?

Be it pro-life or pro-choice, it should be the decision of the women involved!Let's be on either side or neither of them, and support and work to create a better place for both mother and child. Because at last, it's all about HUMANITY! Share your views on whether abortions should be legalized or not and what can be done to provide better sexuality education.

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