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Style Inspiration to Look Smoking Hot on Your Next Beach Vacation

Smoke on the Water

You girls will agree with me that we all want to look Smoking Hot at all times in our life. And especially when we are on a vacation, so that we can post some amazing pictures and turn everyone Green with Envy.

One of our most favorite vacation spots are the Beaches.

Beaches are fun!! Beaches are beautiful!! Beaches are Magical!! 🍁

The first pictures that come to our mind while discussing beaches are of Bikinis. But on the contrary today, I will be discussing an array of attire which is Beach Perfect but essentially not just a Bikini.

1. The Classic Maxi

Maxi is a versatile option for any event or place considered. Taking that into account they are the La La Land of Vacations.

Romance in the Air!! Confidence in the walk!!😍

2. The Cover Story


Personally, I find a covered up bikini dress on a higher degree of temperature than the bikini itself. Ideal for people who feel a bit conscious wearing a bikini and sometimes don't even give it a try due to the same reason. You go girl!!! 😎

3. The Chameleon Sarong

A sarong can be renamed as the Chameleon of the Beach. It can be worn in innumerable ways possible. Be it like a Skirt, Side Knot, Halter Neck or Bandeau Style.

4. The Combo Romper

3 Cs: Comfortable!! Cute!! Chic!!💓

Rompers are a match made in heaven. The Jumpsuit and Skirt Combo.

5. The Shrug Backup

Adding a zing to the Cover Up Dress, the Bikini Shrug is Sexiness on an elevated level.

Accessorize it with Funky Hat, Shades and Handbag!!

6. The Skirty Business

If I find a cute skirt, I'm not fixated on a brand. - Chrissy Metz

Rightly quoted. Skirt are a basic staple for vacations. Must haves. #SkirtAlert

Tube Bra and A line Skirt!! 🤩🤩🤩

7. The Pseudo Code

Sometimes being under dressed is actually being dressed up. Turn into your casual dressy self for your next beachy vacay and up the style quotient!!!

8. The Boyish Charm

Nothing can be more sexier than adorning an oversized boyfriend shirt. ❣️

Add an element of sheer to create it an even foxier look. 😉

So book your tickets and pack your bags (with these gorgeous options 🤩) and head straight to the Beach. Enjoy your Vacay in Style!! ❤️

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Hi there! I’m Muzna, the Founder and Editor of The Bliss Key, I live in San Francisco with my family and by profession I’m an eLearning consultant with more than a decade of experience, and a degree in Business Management and Instructional Design

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