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Prepare To Be Amazed Now, It's Schiaparelli Haute Couture

Shocking Schiaparelli!

One of the most celebrated high-end fashion brands that are never one to shy away from statement-making designs and giving a value of surprise to its viewers, is Schiaparelli. The brand recently presented its Spring/Summer Haute Couture 2023 collection under the guidance of its creative director Daniel Roseberry. For Schiaparelli, the collection was a bold interpretation of pride. inspired by the great poet Dante Alighieri's poem titled "Inferno".

Schiaparelli yet again lives up to the age-old classic Schiaparelli Shocking! Titled “Inferno” the designer chose a symbol of pride, represented by the lion, the tiger, and the she-wolf to interpret his vision in a way that was sure to get a global reaction - both good and bad! On the wild runway, Shalom Harlow wore a white tiger dress, Naomi Campbell sported a black wolf coat, and Irina Shayk adorned a lion-head black gown that matched Kylie Jenner’s look in the front row stirring up social media. The faux animal heads were supposed to represent the vices of Dante’s “Inferno” — lust, pride, and avarice — represented by the tiger, lion, and she-wolf respectively.

Roseberry’s work has always been very unique and stands on its own and usually stirs up several discussions. What’s wearable and what's not? Haute Couture or Ready to wear? Is it art or fashion? What is good or bad? It’s thrilling to see beyond the realm of standard reality into a world of surrealism and an uncanny approach to new, uncharted territory that is inspired by history, culture, politics, and literature.

Though the inspiration and the wildlife reference attracted more attention, the entire collection was nothing less of a spectacle. Some looks that significantly caught our eyeballs include a sharply-tailored pinstripe suit with statement shoulders and a lace-up velvet corset top paired with a pleated ecru mini-skirt! fragrance bottle, structured out-of-the-world tops, an off-the-shoulder leather jacket-slash-minidress, a cream-colored quilted coat with an exaggerated collar and lace-up back, a metallic piece statement top with a corseted waist and a black maxi skirt, a heavily embellished crystal top with an olive colored skirt— in plain and simple words the Schiaparelli Haute Couture 2023 was breathtaking as always!

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