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Now Is The Time To End Pointless Beauty Standards!

A conversation between a mother and her 12-years-old daughter.

Daughter - "Mom, how do I look?"

Mother - "You look beautiful, honey!"

Daughter in a frustrated tone- "No Mom, you don't understand I don't look like these models in the magazine. I look fat and ugly!"

Mother - "No my love, you look perfect just the way you are!"

Daughter - "No Mom, I am going to start dieting until I look like these models."

Photo - Courtesy of @thunkfool

With the amount of pressure society, as well as social media, has put on our teenagers, with its unrealistic and unachievable beauty standards.

Your NATURAL self is considered UGLY, while your EDITED look is considered as BEAUTIFUL! Even the so-called 'NATURAL LOOK' has layers of makeup over it! Strange?

Not only teenagers but we adults are also getting fooled by these BEAUTY STANDARDS being set by social media, magazines, and televisions. I am sure you too would have watched many videos on 'How to get the flawless GLASS SKIN?'! Even if you are blessed with good skin by birth!

Recently actress Jennifer Garner said she wants to 'NORMALIZE LOOKING NORMAL'. She further added, “I don’t want my kids or people to only see the actor version of me that is perfectly made up by brilliant artists and think that’s how I look.”

The obsession with having an ample bosom to having a tiny waist, from porcelain skin to fairness obsession. There isn't an end to this fad list! It keeps on growing each day.

Photo- Courtesy of

Unfortunately, we don't understand the gravity of the present situation as we are expected to MODIFY ourselves to the set beauty standards. There is nothing unusual with it as everyone is doing it, RIGHT? What we don't see is the effect it has, both consciously and subconsciously in the long run. This toxic environment makes people judge themselves and their appearances, leading to low self-esteem and lesser confidence which further leads to frustration and depression.

This setting of beauty standards and ideals doesn't begin in the teenage years but as early as a toddler/baby. We buy dolls and figures which are molded in these beauty ideals, which define the word PRETTY and BEAUTIFUL! The skinny body with flawless porcelain skin and picture-perfect features, anything less than that is considered as ODD and UGLY!

Does this mean one shouldn't take care of looks and body? No, it doesn't imply this. One should take care of their skin, exercise regularly to maintain their health, dress up neatly to look good and feel good, but there shouldn't be any BEAUTY STANDARD to match to. You should be your IDEAL, and this chase to attain unachievable beauty standards should be the goal! The goal should be a healthy lifestyle with a fit body! FIT doesn't mean SKINNY!

END the incessant BODY SHAMING!

END the obsession of BODY STANDARDS!

END the race of BEING PERFECT!


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