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Most Incredible and Stunning looks from Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring 2022- Sci-fi Inspired

The creative team at Schiaparelli proved why it's leaps and bounds ahead of the current trends. It's science fiction themed 'Planet Schiaparelli' has become the talk of the town. (Or rather the entire fashion world and extraterrestrial too)!

In these present COVID times, it's creations are like a breath of fresh air. And ofcourse it's OUT OF THE WORLD!

The Ring of Saturn-

In an interview to Vogue, the creative head at Schiaparelli Daniel Roseberry said that “We kept saying ‘Planet Schiaparelli’: I wanted to do something that looked totally unlike anybody else. Nothing else should look like this.”

And he kept his promise. The golden corset with saturnian rings has all the elements of the our solar system!

Picture- Courtesy of Schiaparelli

The Statement Hat-

Doesn't it look like an inverted UFO?!

This beautiful and intricate sheer hat is a stunner!

Picture- Courtesy of Schiaparelli

Simple yet intricate details-

This may be one of the simplest look from the collection, but just look at the hooped earrings in gold and the spiral cloud-like frills at the bottom! A URANUS CLOUD!

Picture- Courtesy of Schiaparelli

The Golden Medusa-

Undoubtedly the most talked about look of the entire collection. And why shouldn't it be, just have a look at it isn't it SURREAL and MYSTICAL?

Golden ornament like moulded leather clad goddess is creativity at its finest! OBSESSED WITH THIS LOOK!

Picture- Courtesy of Schiaparelli

The Theatrical Hoop-

This looks like a character straight out of a James Cameron movie! A basic color palette with embroidered details!

Picture- Courtesy of Schiaparelli

The UFO Cape-

Cape looking like a UFO with golden jewellery! Well who could have thought of that?! Who other than Daniel Roseberry!

Picture- Courtesy of Schiaparelli

The Cone Bra-

One of the most sought after look as Daniel Roseberry designed the same in denim for Julia Fox, when she attended his Schiaparelli fashion show with Kayne West.

It's so pop and trendy!

Picture- Courtesy of Schiaparelli

I have become an ARDENT FAN of Schiaparelli/Daniel Roseberry after the launch of this couture, I am sure that so have you! Can't wait to see what more he has to offer in the future. Let's Embrace the new world of fashion theatre!

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