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Make Way For The Sensational Party Boots 2.0

The party season is here!

Which means we can finally get properly dressed up and go out partying. Don't worry if you are not a big fan of high-heeled stilettos, because this is the season of party boots. Yes, you heard it right, boots that show-stopping yet comfortable. Though the good old heels are perfect, getting frosty in a six-inch strappy stiletto might feel a little daunting, so we have party boots to your rescue.

Whether rhinestone-embellished, metallic or sequined, the runway as well as the street style is filled with super-hot seductive trendy OTT-heeled booties. Not only do they look ultra glamorous they are super versatile to wear with jeans, LBD, or gowns. They are at least 10 times more comfortable than your regular heels. And it truly does deserve the name- Party Boots 2.0!

The big, bold, twinkling, extravagant boot, has become a favorite among celebrities, from Kendall Jenner's snakeskin touch to Karlie Kloss' artistic touch, Dua Lipa's Mammoth blacks to Bella Hadid's mystical whites, the celebrities as well as the designers can’t get enough of it. And neither can we, party boots have become must-have accessories for every season, be it winter or spring. You can rock them in any season and on any occasion. Go get them now!

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