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Lady in Boots

Hey Gorgeousness!! Do you love shoes? Check out These Boots Inspiration

And let me guess the answer now, which is definitely YES YES and an even bigger YES!!

Shoes comprise of a range of different styles. One of the most versatile ranges among them: Boots!! ❤

The comfy ankle length boots are comfortable to run your errands through the day as well as, not to let you miss out on being stylish while you do that.

Bonus Tip: Buy them in bright colors like Red, Green or Yellow. And you can also go for different textures and prints like Zebra, Croc or Snakeskin.

Heeled Boots:

Want to add more drama to your ankle length boots, add in some heels.

Rightly said:High heels are like a beauty lift.

The Wedgie Game :

Striking Color Indeed ❤ (Cobalt Blue)

Wedges/ Platforms are polished and modern. Be it for heels or Boots. Try the Classic Black or Play with Splash of Colors!!

Over the Knee Boots:

Look inspiration: Gigi Hadid looks picture perfect in both of these looks. 😍

The Current Obsession of the fashion block. And my Personal Addiction. ❣❣❣

The Chameleon Boots. They can blend with anything and everything. A short dress. A Mini Skirt. A Maxi Dress. Or a pair of Jeans.

Bonus Tip: Wear it with a simple pair to accentuate your relaxed look.

Little Red Riding Hood:

Amal Clooney brings back the Riding Boots from the Bygone Era back to the In Vogue Section. #LittleRedRidingHood

The UGGs:

Winter Is Coming (Just quoting GOT 😂) and so are UGGs.

USP: Comfort!!!

Cowboy Boots:

No man should have cowboys boots in his wardrobe. That's fair enough, isn't it?Unless you're a cowboy, of course. - Paul Weller.

Though I would suggest the ladies otherwise, and to definitely keep them in your wardrobe.

USP: Out of the crowd!!!

Embellished Boots:

Boots are basically assumed, to sum up your casual or formal look. What about adding some glitter to it and rocking the party circuit?

Boots embellished with Pearl, Stones and Mirror work are going to be your darling pick. ❤

I am personally obsessed with boots, as they are chic, comfy and voguish❤. And I feel like your shoe collection can never be complete if you don't own a good pair of boots!! Buckle up and head to the market if you don't own one yet!!!

Till then..bubbye to you all!! Be in Vogue!!! ❣

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Abida Shabbir


Hey! I am Abida, a banker by profession and a passionate blogger at heart. I am the creator of our lifestyle blogs.

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