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Is Yoga Complete Without Meditation?

This is a common misconception that Yoga is all about bending, stretching, and twisting into different postures. Yoga is much more than that! Let's understand what it signifies.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. The word 'Yoga' in Sanskrit means 'to unite' or 'to connect', which focuses on bringing harmony between the body and the mind. Yoga isn't just a form of exercise but a complete path for a meaningful and purposeful life.

Yoga strengthens our bodies, calms our minds, and softens our hearts. Asanas are just a preparatory part of Yoga. The actual purpose of the asanas or the poses is to relax the mind and prepare it for dhyana or meditation which is one of the eight limbs of Yoga. With meditation, one can search for inner peace and self-awareness.

How important is meditation in Yoga?

As mentioned earlier, asanas are just a preparatory step in Yoga that aids in meditation. Dhyana or Meditation, not Asanas is the HEART and SOUL of Yoga.

It is through meditation we learn to calm our minds, be fully aware of ourselves, and appreciate and understand life. While asanas are a wonderful preparation for meditation and an exercise for the body, meditation is an exercise for the brain.

Who can practice meditation?

Do you think that meditation can only be practiced by spiritual monks on a secluded mountain peak or a deserted place? Well, sorry to say but you can't be more wrong about it!

That's the beauty of meditation, it can be practiced by ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

Meditation is for EVERYONE!

What are the benefits of meditation?

Just have a look at the tree illustrated below.

I am sure I don't have to convince you regarding the benefits of meditation as every benefit mentioned here is what we need the most in our fast-paced life!

We all would love to open the locks to a MORE RELAXED, LESS STRESSED life with BETTER FOCUS AND GOOD MENTAL HEALTH!

You are in luck, as you have found the key to it all - IT'S MEDITATION!

How do I begin to practice meditation?

Trust me it's very simple and doable!

Photo Courtesy- YogaFaith

1. Choose a place- Find a calm and peaceful spot to sit and relax.

2. Set a time limit- You can choose as per your convenience, suggested duration would be 10 mins for a beginner.

3. Concentrate on your breath- Try to take your mind off all the things, and solely concentrate on your breath. And it's okay if your mind wanders, it will get better with time and practice!

4. Notice your environment- Try to be more aware of your body and the space around it.

5. Take deep breaths- IN and OUT! As simple as that!

6. End it with gratitude- Rub your palm and put it over your eyes. Be grateful for everything you have. Then slowly open your eyes to a new and better YOU!

There are several guided meditation sessions available online, which are easy to follow. You can check those out too. Do try it and let me know how it changed your life!


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