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How to Design Your Dream Garden - Get Inspiration from an Expert!

Imagine taking a sip of tea, looking at the lush green garden after a long tiring day or opening your eyes in the morning to enjoy the serenity. If you have ever fancied having a lush green garden.

How you can design a spectacular view and create a garden that provides tranquility and revives your tired soul. No matter what your garden size or taste, you can also achieve the garden of your dreams.

Here you can take inspiration from the couple who have built this breath-taking garden which has won the trophy for "The Best Garden of the Year".

The award came as a reward for being a green enthusiast. Having a passion for green living makes them keen to donate their time and resources towards a greener and more sustainable environment.

The following is an excerpt of Dr. Shaista's exclusive interview with ''.

Beautiful garden

Beautiful garden


Dr. Shaista congrats on winning “The Garden of the Year" award.

How are you feeling after the win

Dr. Shaista: I am delighted to win the award. My garden is close to my heart. I love it like my babies. I open my eyes to lush green grass, birds chirping and leaves rustling, and I end up walking straight into my garden.

I spent hours pruning, watching them turn shape and size. But today I ‘m glad my efforts got recognition. Though all competing gardens for the coveted trophy were great. “There was a point where I wondered if we would get it finished at all!

Now, I feel elated. 'I'm completely chuffed'. It’s just fantastic, said Dr. Shaista.

What is the highlight of your garden

Dr. Shaista: I prefer simplicity. So I avoid going overboard. I wanted to calm things down a bit with this garden. Attention to detail was obviously a big element to this garden's success. It was putting things together in an honest way. I love putting the detail in. When I’ve got the outline, I start drilling into the detail.

The idea was to have long vistas running through the garden so that you could focus on the detail of each plant. I used foliage as the starting point for the garden.

Beautiful garden

tree house

What are your suggestions and tips for people who want to uplift their garden

Dr. Shaista: If you want to be sitting in your beautiful house looking out at your garden, then fall in love with your plants, that’s what I did.I like to use materials that come out of the ground. When something looks like it's originated at its point of origin, it feels right.

You need to make gardens climate-change-proof by adapting them to their environments. To accomplish that, you should watch and mimic natural plant communities. Choosing plants based on natural plant communities will help you to achieve your gardening goals.

palm tree in garden

flower pots

Green living

What is your gardening style

Dr. Shaista: I don’t think I have a style. Though I like certain things. They’re probably things that repeat like certain plants, but I wouldn’t say that’s a style. Though I believe in Green Living, I believe in the lifestyle that seeks to limit harm to the environment... so I try to be eco-friendly, and work on organic compose.

I like celebrating nature and their space. So everyone is happy. Look, the birds are here. If you take away where the birds can live, then they won’t come. I’m environmentally friendly, you can call it my style.

Beautiful garden

Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants

What is your opinion on this garden. Drop your comment. If you are also a green enthusiast share this post.

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