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How Modest Fashion Is Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry Today

It’s gaining popularity. But what is modest fashion? And would you want to embrace it?

What is Modest Fashion?

There's not a single definition to it because everyone has different interpretations of it. It's a broad idea that can't be summed up inside these two words - Modest Fashion.

In simple words, it can be said that Modest Fashion is the act of covering up on purpose. The decision to do so can be for religious or ethnic fulfillment or to attain an aesthetic quality. Though it is derived from the fashion choices made by Muslim women adhering to Islamic guidelines, it extends beyond community and religion.

Is it followed by the Muslim Community?

Adopting Modest Fashion has developed into much more than just being followed by a Muslim. It doesn't belong to one particular religion or community and is open to anyone who wishes to follow it. It’s an extensive trend that ranges from streetwear to the runway and even haute couture.

It's a style that resonates with a lot of people, irrespective of their religious or cultural background.

The Fashion Debate

With the topic of Modest Fashion comes the long due debate of whether modest dressing makes one feel less empowered?

Is a covered-up woman less empowered as she is bowing down to male control and patriarchy, or is she more empowered as she has the freedom to embrace the kind of lifestyle she chooses to adhere to?

It's a subjective thing with different perceptions for different people. Let's not get into it and discuss and know more about Modest Fashion.

What drives the demand for Modest Fashion?

The major demand for Modest Fashion clothing is still in Middle Eastern countries and Africa, but it's broadening as the people have become more curious about Eastern culture and traditions. Another reason for its growing popularity is the level of comfort with these types of clothing; it's relaxed and versatile and can be worn to work and gatherings.

What is needed to expand the market?

The collections will have to be modeled and advertised, which will pave the way for fresh demands. Just like any other fashion trend, it requires its fashion week to showcase its designs, modest models to walk the runways and appear on photoshoots, and modeling agencies that can represent modesty.

Modest models like Halima Aden, Mariah Idrissi, and Rawdah Mohamed are a few known names in the modest fashion world.

Modest models are not categorically modest because of their dress or their faith. It is an inner value taken upon by an individual to be modest in their actions; this means that modest models need special provisions that are critical for them to adhere to their faith. Requirements like same-gender dressing rooms, appropriate length changing robes, and privacy from any inappropriate male encounter on the shoot or runway.

Though premier modeling agencies like IMG Models and Next hire modest models, they aren't able to cater to the demands of the models, which makes models opt out of the fashion world. A dedicated agency like Underwraps is needed which understands the requirements of these models and makes sure that the models don't have to do any work which contrasts with their beliefs and faith.

Do we need to embrace Modest Fashion?

Although the term Modest Fashion gained its significance in 2018, it has existed in the form of varying trends and styles since the inception of the fashion industry.

The popularity of styles like maxi dresses and the layering of clothes in both street and runway fashion is an indication that people are ready to embrace and experiment with it.

Indeed it's a revolution. A unique change.

It's the way of dressing stylishly and elegantly with a level of comfort and versatility. It is not something that's bounded by any religion or culture. It's for anyone and everyone.

Comment below if you would like to try this fashion?

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