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How Indian Volunteers in Hungary Shown 'Service before Self'

Service before Self: How a group of more than 70 voulnteers of @Sewa_Intl in Hungary have assisted in # OperationGanga.

A group of Indians in Hungary volunteered to help Indian students stranded in neighbouring countries waiting for evacuations arranged by the Indian government.

They felt a sigh of relief, when the last batch of Indian citizens stranded in Ukraine and neighbouring countries reached India safely. This group of volunteers comprised of working professionals and students in the neighbouring countries of Ukarine. They extended their support and worked day and night to make the arrangements locally for the students coming from war-hit Ukarine

Khalid Zafar one of the core team member and a group of students led my Ramsha Farooqi and Mariyam Farooqui, in the supervision of Indian embassy official Arvind Kaur and Union Minister Hardeep Puri facilitated local arrangements and helped Indian students across Hungary borders.

In the midst of Russian Invasion of Ukarine, Indian students who were stranded in war-hit Ukarine crossed the border to neighbouring countries Romania and Hungary. These countries saw the maximum surge to get on special evacuation flights arranged by the Indian government.

There was a surge of helpless students who were far from their homeland and were unaware of what to do and where to go. Moving out of the war-hit area, with no place to go, unknown people, they had all the reason to panic.

But the local heroes in Hungary joined hands with Indian Embassy and Indian government in helping out Indians coming from Ukarine seeking evacuation.

They joined hands with the Indian task force to facilitate students stay at hostels and dormitory hired by the Indian embassy in Budapest. They also helped them in getting administrative clearance, arranging transport and facilitating medical care for these Indians coming from Ukarine.

The number of students crossing the border grew exponentially. Initially it was manageable; but once the number surged into thousands managing logistics and panic was quiet challenging. Things start taking shape once Indian task force and local team worked towards organising and evacuating these students.

"Now we feel relieved after seeing them safely boarded in the evacuation flight to India. We make human connections and the world is a better place when we care for each other," said Khalid, the core team member.

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