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End Post-Pregnancy Body Shaming

Trend love and support to new mothers!

Actress Neha Dhupia was recently trolled over social media for her post-pregnancy weight gain. Nothing new about it right, but it ever CHANGE?

Pregnancy is some of the most incredible and beautiful experiences of a woman's life. But can also be one of the most agonizing times! With unsolicited advice on each and everything, to mom-shaming on her every move!

Body shaming

Post-pregnancy body-shaming is one of the most common ones. So who are these body-shamers? It can be your spouse, your family, your relatives, your friends, an unknown passerby, or a stranger on social media!!!

Be ready for criticism, because people love to offer uninvited criticism! Especially to new mothers, because they can't do anything right.

Photograph- Instagram

The above illustration isn't just an illustration, but the actual scenario ALMOST every new mother would have faced at some point after the delivery. (I insisted on the word almost as few can be lucky enough). Comment below if you are one of them!

A woman is expected to give birth to a healthy baby with a GOOD WEIGHT, but she shouldn't gain any weight in the process. She should be MAGICALLY back to square one within a week of delivery! And if by any chance you gain a substantial amount of weight, then YOU ARE DOOMED!

Well, you are not doomed dear, but with the nagging and criticism, you start judging yourselves!


But how? Here's how!

Photograph - Instagram

  • Trust and love yourself - It's difficult to accept your body after you deliver a baby, you can be embarrassed and even frustrated by it. Don't be, you nurtured a life inside you for nine months and gave birth to it. This isn't an easy feat, APPLAUD YOURSELF for that. Try to be comfortable in your changed body as the change begins with you!

  • Take care of your health - Begin by adapting yourself to the new lifestyle with healthy eating and regular exercise. This is not for weight loss, but your MENTAL and PHYSICAL FITNESS.

  • Ask for support from family and friends- These are the people who matter, but if they are the ones making you feel conscious of your body, it's better to keep them and their advice away.

  • One day at a time - Assure yourself that you are the best judge of what's best for your child. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and enjoy doing what you love! STOP STRESSING about that extra pounds of weight. It will disappear in a while, but these moments you have your child won't happen again. Cherish and make the most out of it!

These were the suggestions for new mothers, but how can other people help to END IT?

Start with your family itself, support new mothers, and help them embrace their motherhood. Be it your wife, your sister, your sister-in-law, or any other family member.

SPEAK UP if you hear it in your family or between your friends/colleagues or over the internet.

We OWE this to our mothers, who gave birth to us!

We OWE this to our wives, who supported you all along!

We OWE this to every woman, who makes this world a better place to live!

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Happy Women's Day to all the women out there

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