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Does the Type of Birth You Chose Define Your Motherhood?

Be it Womb, Adoption, or Surrogacy!

Since Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas announced the birth of their child via surrogate, it has attracted different views (both positive and negative) over social media. Does it matter? Can we be the judge of whether it is right or wrong? Do we have to grade motherhood?

What is surrogacy?

A surrogate is called the "BIRTH MOTHER." The sperm used is that of the biological father while the egg that was fertilized can be of the biological mother or that of the surrogate. In simple language, it's the process of 'renting' the womb of the surrogate, followed by the legal adoption of the child after birth.

Surrogacy can be considered due to health reasons or as a personal choice, but in either case it's the decision of the couple involved with it.

Motherhood is an incredible and beautiful journey in itself, and the way of embracing it shouldn't define it. Motherhood isn't just about the phase of being pregnant and giving birth, but the bonding a child and a mother develop thereafter.

Even if you give birth through your your own womb, the first question that pops up from people (other than the GENDER of the child) is whether it was a NORMAL or a CEASERIAN SECTION DELIVERY!!! Does it matter anyway?

Motherhood is a phenomenal experience be it by being pregnant and delivery or through adoption/surrogacy. There is no instrument to measure the difference in mother's love based on the chosen way! Seriously, can there ever be any such instrument? Why judge then?! NORMALISE SURROGACY and ADOPTION!!! More support to all mothers!

Please do share your views, they are most welcome here! Love to all! ❤️

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