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Chanel Defines Pure Haute Couture With Simplicity & Elegance

Chanel presented its Haute Couture Fall 2022 with its classic codes and familiar elements- the tweed, the crystals, the modest glamour but with a fresh approach and modern twist.

Chanel worked with French artist Xavier Veilhan to construct a dreamy runway on the Étrier de Paris equestrian center, which was also the location for Haute Couture Spring 2022.

Cowboy boots, wide-brimmed hats, and crystal buttons were consistent throughout the collection. “These boots also echo the previous Haute Couture show that opened with Charlotte Casiraghi on horseback,” said Virginie Viard, the creative director at Chanel.

“In this new collection, there are suits, long dresses like Mademoiselle Chanel imagined them in the 1930s: fitted to the body even though they have strong shoulders here, and pleated dresses like the wedding dress for instance,” Viard said in a press release. “And lace too, inlaid, reworked, not embroidered, but repainted. The palette consists of bright green, khaki, beige, pink, lots of black and silver.”

It was indeed an ethereal and mystical show with intricate skilled work and a delicate flow of fabrics, which showed simplicity and seemed effortless. It defined haute couture in a new light and dimension. Here are the standout looks from the runway show.

Chanel's classic tweed straight-cut jacket in bright green color with coordinating skirt. The jacket, as well as the skirt, had crystal buttons.

Photo Courtesy- Chanel

Stunning flared tweed coat in metallic black color with patch pockets and crystal buttons. It was accessorized with a silk hair bow and black cowboy boots. So chic and modern!

Photo Courtesy- Chanel

Strappy layered sheer dress in white and forest green which had embroidered flowers in white and sequinned petals in green color.

Who says pantsuits can't look desirable? Well, Chanel defies it! Uber chic plush velvet pantsuits in black with a plunging neckline and slit cuffs. It was accessorized with a beautiful and delicate diamond necklace.

This was one of the most unique and intricate designs of the runway show. Black-colored sequin gown with gold and silver patterns in beads, sequin, and shimmer. It was paired with a wide-brimmed hat.

Tweed blazer dress with a straight fit jacket in deep red color with floral print. The patch pockets had beadwork on the trims. Though not as appealing as the one in green, it sure had it's own charm!

Black sheer gown with a floral pattern in the metallic silver finish was accessorized with crystal buttons. This would a perfect match for the new era of fashion!

It's the best fashion moment when simplicity and elegance go hand in hand! Off-shoulder black dress with a pleated skirt in tulle that had a beaded criss-cross pattern on the top. Accessorized beautifully again with a delicate diamond neckpiece. Chanel's own magic!

Representative of the client's demands for a conservative ways yet modern fashion, a plaid crop pink top with an A-line skirt.

Here comes the cowboy girl! A velvet pantsuit with a black and white geometric print slouchy coat and a cowboy hat. The crystal buttons over the bottom of the trousers can't be missed.

Just wow! Boatneck top in grass green color with a pair of pleated trousers. The relaxed trousers had patch pockets with crystal buttons. Coordinated look at its best!

Perhaps Virginia Viard wanted to add some drama and glamour with this sequin dress. This striking silver straight-cut jacket and midi skirt were accessorized with a silk hairbow and equestrian boots.

A layered tulle cape dress in black, gray, and white fringes had volume and grace. We sure do get a Giambattista Valli vibe here!

A classic Chanel. A fitted woolen coat in blush pink color with cut-out floral contour comes with crystal buttons and a peter pan collar.

Last but not the least, the Chanel Bride!

The model Jill Kortleve closed the show as the annual Chanel bride, wearing a strapless white dress with an embroidered and fringed shawl covering her shoulders. The bridal look was completed with a silk hair bow, which has been interpreted by Chanel for years. It's ethereal and we love it!

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