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Catch a Break! Read these Parenting Memes that will Make You Laugh

Feeling bored? Check out these funny parenting memes to lighten up your day.

Do you know how it'd be like to live on Mars? I don't know. I can just imagine the way I did for being a parent.

Well! It turned out to be breathtakingly different. That's why there are no official parenting courses awarding you a degree in parenting that you take up and say, 'Ye! I'm ready to be a parent.' Sorry to disappoint you, it's not happening.

Each parenting journey is exclusive, though the bumps remain common. Enjoy your ride.


Yes!I spend an hour, making lasagna. Well! I don't know how it tasted.

No, honey, motherhood is never easy. You are signing up for a life-long adventurous ride.

Why do I have only two hands? My two feet remain insufficient.

Sometimes it feels as if I've lost my power to communicate and the only way to get heard is to raise the voice. Sorry team, I am a parent.

Once I got up after a long nap, missing the meeting for which I wanted my baby to sleep.

Forget to count this one, while monitoring my diet. No worries! I'm a mother. I need these to survive.

Mine, microwaved ice cream.

Now you have company and power.

Sometimes I feel why take so much trouble, when the end is the same.

No! There are no parenting hacks; you have to live through it.

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Hi there! I’m Muzna, the Founder and Editor of The Bliss Key, I live in San Francisco with my family and by profession I’m an eLearning consultant with more than a decade of experience, and a degree in Business Management and Instructional Design

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