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Can I Decide What to Wear

How long women will hear what to wear and how to behave. And for how long will a woman's attire be the topic of discussion?

Why men's attire never stirs up debate?

We women, one or the other day hear that our clothes are either too short or too long. Why is our head covered or knees uncovered?

The identity of a woman is more than what she wears and how she looks. Can she have a say in it?

As a woman, discussions over what I should or shouldn’t wear. How much I should cover or keep it open makes me feel powerless and hopeless.

This takes away my belief that I have a voice. I have a choice. I have an identity beyond my dress.

Can we talk about serious issues, like how to make things better for women so she can walk home safe? How should she get quality education and equal opportunities? Because the data says that,

More than 370,000 cases of crimes against women reported in 2020
One woman is raped every 15 minutes, according to the National Crime Records Bureau
41% of women reported experiencing domestic violence during their lifetime
20 women die every day as a result of harassment over a dowry
The male literacy rate is 75.3% and that for females is 53.7%, showing a gap of 21.6 percentage points between the sexes at the national level.
While women constitute almost half the population (about 48% of the total), their representation in the work force amounts to only about one-fourth of the total
One in nine deaths of females below the age of 5 may be attributed to postnatal sex selection
The female labour participation rate had fallen to 20.3%

Since there is serious business that requires our attention, until we can do anything to resolve it, can we move over from what to wear to something worthwhile.

Because we women are tired of hearing from others for ages, and now enough is enough!

My wardrobe is my choice. I request please let me make a choice as to whether to cover my head or uncover my knee.

Can I take this decision for myself, please?

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Hi there! I’m Muzna, the Founder and Editor of The Bliss Key, I live in San Francisco with my family and by profession I’m an eLearning consultant with more than a decade of experience, and a degree in Business Management and Instructional Design

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