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9 Things You Can Do To Raise a Confident Child

Childhood has such a lasting impact on our future selves that it controls all the ways we connect, communicate, deal with problems, and behave in our relationships. That's why it's important for children to feel loved; so they develop a good sense of self-worth.

Sadly, when we raise children, we get tunnel vision of raising children from the singular perspective of earning a living. We often overlook how their personality is shaping and what life lessons they are learning unconsciously.

If you want your children to thrive and have a positive self-image, then use these simple acts that demonstrate love in every sense so that they can have a meaningful life later. Remember, we parent in the present but the way we do it impacts their future. Here are nine tips to help inspire confidence in your child.

Telling them that you love them:

How often do you tell your child that you love them? We assume that our children know that we love them. But love counts most when our children know that they are loved. Unconditional love gives them deep-seated security that allows them to face and adapt to new circumstances, feeling that they will be OK.

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Seeing the best in them:

We have the tendency to find fault and oversee what is good. We pick what is not right over what is right. When children constantly associate their worthiness with how well they perform and score, then they develop a sense of worthlessness and a feeling that they are not good enough. This ‘not good enough’ feeling lasts life long and impacts their major life decisions.

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Teaching them discipline:

Loving your child doesn’t mean you overlook what is wrong and unsafe. It’s not about pampering and spoiling them. Instead, it is about disciplining them from a loving stance, and teaching discipline is the part of that loving process where they learn to respect rules and to draw a healthy boundary. So be the guiding force for them to teach self-control, safe and right practices, by doing this we are helping them elevate.

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Preparing them for life:

The world is a complicated place. How much we try but we can't be there to fight all of their battles. Even if we do we stop them from being self-reliant. That's why we need to prepare them to learn how to deal and handle pressure and crisis, and all those pushes and pulls that may come on their way. We need to prepare them for life.

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Being there for them in need:

Our children should know that we are there for them when they need us, without judgement. Whatever happens but we, our unwavering and reliable presence will always be there for them. Children learn that they need to make wise decisions for their lives, but they should also know that their parents will be there with them in their decisions.

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Enjoying spending time with them:

Sadly, most of our interactions with our children move around about their studies, grades, and behavior; beyond that we hardly engage with them. Yes, we are pressed for time. But spending some quality time with children and doing fun and engaging activities helps to develop deep bonds that last long for both.

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Doing things for them:

We earn our living and try to provide the best for them. Just that we should do things that matter, most to them, like our attention, appreciation, love, and support.

Getting out of their way:

How can you love someone and get out of their way. Well, showing deep love is about knowing what they need to grow. So sometimes let them take steps; even when they fall, they learn how to rise and what mistakes to avoid. So stay around, but let them do things on their own.

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Protecting them:

Often parents stay in the dark when a child is being bullied, abused or exploited. Protect them when they need. Sadly, we don’t communicate to our children that we are there for them and that they don’t need to be scared when someone is troubling them.

Protecting children quote

Research has shown that children thrive when at least one adult in their life believes in them unconditionally and holds them to high expectations. Let's try that our children have that adult in their lives so they can grow as emotionally intelligent confident and happy adults.

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