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6 Trendy Paint Colors to Remarkably Uplift Your Home

"Let's Paint the town Red!" - Here we are not implying its meaning, but its 'literal' sense.

The walls of your home speak a lot about you. The color of your walls speaks about your personality, preference, and liking.

If you are planning to revamp your home, go for these chicest colors of 2022, and get your guests to admire you!


Blue color wall for interior design

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Cobalt blue is a deep vibrant shade of blue. The color in itself is very elegant; you may have seen Kate Middleton wearinging coats of the same hue. It looks as luxurious on the walls.

PAIRS BEST WITH- White, Gray, Artichoke, and Golden.

Cobalt blue wall

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Bright white wall in for interior design

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Bright White is undoubtedly the most prevalent color you can find anywhere. But its prevalence doesn't make it ordinary. Nothing can match a polished and elegant living room like the one in the picture above. The most promising aspect is that it can make a tight space look more spacious, and provide better lighting.

PAIRS BEST WITH- Almost every color!

White wall for interior design

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Terracotta has been a rage in the interior industry since 2018. The earthen color gives a rustic yet modern look. You can almost breathe a scenic and relaxed environment through it, which is much needed in our life!

PAIRS BEST WITH- Crimson, Black, and Fern.


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Sage green wall

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Green was the most sought-after color of 2021 and will still be in 2022, as per designer forecasts. Why shouldn't it be? Who doesn't love the greenery around them? We all need more green on this planet! Go sustainable, go green!

PAIRS BEST WITH - White, Iron, Bronze, and Fossil.

Green wall paint

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The brighter, the better! If your house doesn't have natural sunlight, use this bright yellow color to create a vibrant environment. This color is a joyful color, which immediately boosts your mood! A bonus point!

PAIRS BEST WITH- Moss, Lavender, Black, and Ash.

Yellow wall for room

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LAVENDER color wall

Credit: Courtesy of joybird furniture

Purple is ruling the fashion and interior world.

Color of the year for 2022- Pantone

Color of the year for 2023- Digital Lavender

Don't be left behind and try this beautiful shade of purple for your walls. It's delicate and beautiful!

PAIRS BEST WITH- White, Olive, Rust, and Steel Gray.

Lavender color wall

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Share your comments on how you like your home to be? Bright and Vibrant? Or Refined and Subtle? Or a mix of both?

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