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6 Easy Ways to Look Your Best in Winters

Plagued by winter woes? Here’s how you can tackle them!!!!

Taking care of dry skin

There’s a chill in the air. Toes have started getting cold. The winters have officially arrived. And along with it comes dry skin, chapped lips, frizzy hair, dandruff, and whatnot!!!

But no worries! Today we have brought you some tried and tested solutions from Grandma’s pantry and larder. There’s a trick up her sleeves for almost everyone. P.S. Do try a patch test before using any of these to make sure you are not allergic to any of these.

1. Frizzy, dry, brittle hair

We do have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Frizzy hair, bad hair day

• Egg and banana hair mask.

Just take an egg or two, depending on your hair length and beat it thoroughly. Now take an overripe banana, evenly mash it, and mix the two. You can also add a vitamin-E capsule to this mask; it’s easily available in your nearest drug store, and is affordable.

Apply this mask evenly to your hair. Leave it for an hour or two. Then wash your hair as usual.

Avoid intensive hot showers (you don’t want scrambled eggs in your hair, trust me.)

The egg helps reduce the porosity in your hair and gives it a splendid shine while the banana moisturizes and nourishes them. Vitamin E is the holy grail of hair and skin care.

• Good old cold-pressed oil as serum and leave-in conditioner.

Did you know the oil your grandma used in her cooking is also an amazing serum and conditioner? Yes, you read that right. The oil that is native to your place of origin( cold-pressed coconut oil for people in coastal areas, mustard oil in the northern plains, sesame oil, or even olive oil (if you are European or Mediterranean) is the oil you need.

Do NOT switch it for any other, the reason being your genetics. Your skin and hair is built as per the climate and environment of your motherland and the local produce suits it the best.

a. You can warm up oil on a dim flame and apply it generously from hair tips to about the mid-length of your hair (Never, and I repeat, NEVER on your scalp!!! It will clog your pores and cause yeast growth on your scalp or dandruff, and in the worst case scenario, scalp acne.

Yes, we get acne on the scalp too, which can lead to more hair fall and can be rather painful if poked by the comb). Just leave it for a couple of hours and wash it normally. It will lock moisture in.

b. If the above method doesn’t appeal to you, just take a couple of drops on your palm and apply from tip to mid-length of your hair when it’s damp. This is your very own SLS and paraben-free hair serum (and rather very easy on the pocket). And absolutely no side effects!!! Phew!!!

2. Dandruff.

Yeah, that flaky evil thing, that can embarrass you if spotted on your dark clothes. One of the culprits behind the breakouts on your forehead. The cause behind the greasy appearance of your beautiful locks.

Dandruff happens when you have a dry scalp (of course you were not supposed to take those scalding hot showers, duh!!)

Or like me, you are blessed(Cursed??) with an oily scalp that continues producing sebum like a dutiful soldier to protect your hair from moisture loss, but rather ends up creating a thick layer of dead cells which not only creates that evil thing from hell (yes, dandruff) but also make your hair look very greasy.

Along with you could end up with yeast and fungal growth leading to dandruff if you sweat, your heart out in the gym and then forget to wash your hair afterward.

In any case, worry not. We have a few tricks of our own that work like magic.

a. If you have sensitive skin or scalp acne, just get those little aspirin pills from your nearest drugstore and depending on your hair length and volume, crush 6-10 of those pills using a pestle and mortar and mix it in the amount of shampoo you are going to use that day (in a plastic or ceramic cup or bowl, NO metal, please!!).

Aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid which is anti-inflammatory and a mild exfoliant so it removes some dandruff along with soothing the acne. And a couple of frequent applications could cure it completely.

b. If you happen to have yeast or fungal infection on the scalp, just take half to a capful of yellow Listerine (only the original, not blue or green) and mix it with an equal amount of non-fragrant hair oil, again avoid using metal containers. Now take a cotton ball and dab it gently all over your scalp. Leave for about 10 minutes and wash your hair as usual.

P.S. if you have any cuts on your scalp, AVOID this method, or else, don’t blame me for that impromptu dance performance you are going to give because you have been already warned.

Both these methods have been tried, tested, and successfully used by yours truly for many years. Don’t forget that patch test, though.

3. Dry Skin

dry skin

Who doesn’t love a hot shower, some people even love to scald their skins raw. But while you soak in that extra hot goodness, it’s quickly robbing all the moisture from your skin.

Now if you ask me, I don’t fancy premature wrinkles and loose skin, not to forget, all that dry skin, I hope you don’t either. So here are some simple solutions.

For Normal to Oily skin.

Take some oil on your palms, rub them together, and apply them all over your body. Then take your bath as usual (not scalding hot water, of course). This will prevent the soap from stripping away excess moisture from your skin.

For normal to dry skin

Take some coconut, mustard, or olive oil, whichever you fancy, and apply it all over your body right after you bathe. Not so much that you become all greasy; just enough that your skin becomes soft. Your skin will thank you for this in the long run.

Do not forget to apply sunscreen (yes, you read that right; we need sunscreen ALWAYS, as long as the sun has risen, you need it), about 25 to 30 SPF, all over the exposed areas, once the oil has been properly absorbed by your skin.

P.S. A little tip here. Use washcloths or bath sponges to gently exfoliate your skin while bathing. You mustn’t use any other scrub on your skin for exfoliation. And do not share them with anyone for hygiene purposes.

4. Dull skin

Take a couple of tablespoons of whole-wheat flour, a pinch of turmeric, half a tablespoon of honey, and 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt in a bowl, add some rose water, and make a paste.

Apply this mask evenly on your face and neck. Let it dry and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Pat dry the skin and moisturize immediately, oil-based moisturizers for dry skin and water-based for oily skin.

Apart from this, drink water. Make sure you complete your 10-12 glasses to ensure proper hydration. In winters we tend to drink less water and that can lead to dehydration resulting in the dullness of skin.

5. Acne

Skin dryness can make our oil glands go into overdrive, leading to increased sebum production and hence breakouts.

• So first of all, use only lukewarm water for washing your face.

• Secondly, try to use foaming face washes as they are gentler on the skin and a tiny amount is required, hence this strip off the moisture from your skin.

• Do NOT pick your acne!!! It can break your skin and expose it to even more bacteria which can then cause even more acne.

• To soothe acne, apply Aloe Vera gel. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will help soothe the zits.

• Another age-old remedy is the paste of nutmeg and milk to be applied only on the pimples. It dries out the pimples within a couple of applications. Just apply and leave it overnight.

• A common mistake people tend to make is using Multani mitti, aka bentonite clay in winters. It absorbs the oil produced by the skin and can cause even more dryness if used in cold weather, not to mention, the coldness of this mask can cause terrible cold in those prone to sinusitis. A better option is any Calamine-based moisturizer.

• And lastly a little hack of mine. Apply toothpaste on the pimples and leave overnight, especially those with fluoride in them. This dries up the acne overnight.

6. Chapped Lips

chapped lips

The skin on the lips is comparatively thinner than the face and has zero oil pores. As a result, there is zero natural hydration.

But this means a lot of us tend to lick our lips, which can make the problem worse. It can cause dermatitis and cracked skin on and around the lips.

The best way to ensure that your lips remain soft and supple is to apply Vaseline before you go to sleep.

And always use a good quality lip ointment or chap stick to ensure hydration throughout the day.

And if you ask your grandma, she will ask you to apply some Malai aka heavy cream on your lips at night. But if the smell bothers you, just go with Vaseline. It works wonders.

Along with all these tips, good nutrition and a well-balanced diet are crucial. Include protein and zinc-rich foods in your diet.

Make sure you eat only the product which is in season and try to avoid non-seasonal produce as it is low in nutrients after having been stored in storage units for months.

And do not miss the role of good sleep, as remaining as stress-free as possible also adds to the glow of hair and skin.

On this note, I bid you adieu and wish for a happy and healthy winter season. Which of these tips you preferred, share with us by leaving the comment.

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