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17 Annoying Things, We Hear a Lot

We come across verbal diarrhea where people say things sheer out of innocence, plain ignorance, or as a conversation starter. Some say things because they have a habit of meddling in other people’s business, or because they like to get under their skin. Here is the list of such talks which really irks us:

When are you getting married

Here comes the first hitting question, “what’s your plan for marriage?” And these questions could come from any of your distant family, neighbors or people you may come across who know you by your name, face, and your marital status. The moment you are an earning adult, the next thing you need to do is to get married. Otherwise, you won’t be counted as settled.

Unfortunately, even if you feel like pulling your hair, you need to keep answering this question until you get a marriage certificate.

When are you planning kids?

It’s not over yet! You thought you got married and people would stop questioning you. No. Now everyone wants to know about your family planning. Why are you not starting your family? It’s better to have children when you are young, etc. They show so much concern about your welfare that you assume, once you bring your children into this world, these well-wishers are going to raise them. Interestingly, some are highly insensitive and have no regard for your concern whether you have any medical complications, financial concerns, mental and physical instability, nothing matters. They come and rub salt in your wound.

You look tired

No, I didn’t have a fight with my partner and hit anyone. It’s just that my lipstick missing from my face, so no need to worry. Even if I am tired, I don't need to be reminded that I’m not well-rested or that something is bothering me. No need to reinforce how crappy I look and feel today.

Money can't buy happiness

It's true that money can’t buy happiness, but it definitely can buy stuff that makes me happy and makes me pay bills to stay happy.

In our times we don't act like this

In-laws often pass such remarks, "In our time, we used to ask for permission." ; and now look at you, you have no regard. In short, you got the luxury of living your life which they couldn’t. Since they had a sucked up life, how can you have a better one.

Are you pregnant?

Asking you if you are pregnant is a real downer when you’re not pregnant. Just don’t ask such crappy, embarrassing question out of the blue. The aftermath of such questions would lead people to skip meals for days.

A woman’s place is in the home

Some people still have the guts to say such things. No, a woman's place is where she wants to be. And she knows it better; you won’t have to remind her.

Oh! Being a working mother, how do you find time for your child? How your child manages in your absence, these day-care and domestic help aren’t reliable children feel ignored. Just because I’ m working doesn’t make me a sloppy mother, mind it.

You stay at home; you have plenty of time

Yes, I’m at home, that means I have no serious business to do or no contribution to make, that's what you assume, hold on your crap!

I know what's best for you

Ya!, they know what’s best for you because you never could realize the same. Thank you! For understanding, but with your own dangling interest here, you won’t be interested in mine. I told you! I knew it!

You got dumped, they knew it before. You didn’t get promotion; they knew it. You won’t get a seat, and the list goes on. They saw it coming, while you stayed ignorant. They knew all this while that what was going to happen in your life with their magic ball.

How does it matter? It’s not like it affects you

Ya! How does it matter to you, that you aren’t affected? As long as you aren’t directly impacted by any adversary happening around you, you need not bother about it. Why should you care what others are going through? As long as your house is safe, why care about other burning house. You need to calm down

OK, I was about to get better, but these words brought up the fury subsiding inside me.

I’m telling you in your best interest

Yeah right! Perfectly in my interest you took time out to convince me, but you failed to hide your own hidden agenda.

I'm just being honest

No, it wasn’t an honest remark; you were clearly being mean. Let's call it what it is.

Are you having a bad day

Before you asked it wasn’t all that bad. Promise me you won't be mad when I tell you this

Can I tell you something? I am already fuming listening to these words. Conclusion:

These are few of the annoying things people do or say, that irritates us. Not all mean harm, but these don’t go down very well or add fuel to fire, when the timing is wrong.

Which of these do you hear often, and which one do you find really annoying? Do you have any more to add to the list, we would love to hear from you, add your one in the comments below,

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